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Providence Baptist Church, Oxford NC - Pastor Job Description



A Pastor is a spiritual leader, loving, compassionate, humble, reverent, and must be ordained. One must act in good faith, follow the Constitution and Bylaws, and believe the Holy Bible as it is written. The Pastor’s job is to minister to his church community with sermons, worship, and music.  The Pastor proclaims the gospel to believers and unbelievers.  Pastors act like shepherds by caring for the flock with spiritual leadership to church members.  

In addition to Sunday services and weekly Bible studies, Pastors also officiate weddings, funerals, and perform baptisms.  Pastors coordinate and develop growth plans for church growth and develop and coordinate visitation plans.    

Position Requirements:


Bachelor’s degree or Associate of Divinity or Diploma in Theology



Two years minimum as Lead pastor, Associate pastor, or Youth pastor.   


  • To proclaim the gospel with the goal of reaching persons for Christ and fostering emotional, social, and spiritual growth.

  • To plan weekly Sunday sermons that capture the essence of Biblical vision.

  • To plan mid-week Bible study meetings.  

  • To love and affirm persons and families within the fellowship without bias or prejudice.

  • To provide counseling to members and nonmembers and to keep confidential such communication.

  • To work with chairperson of committees, organizations, and boards in the development and implementation of programs of ministry and mission.   

  • To be an ex officio member of all committees, offering expertise and advice.  

  • To establish church office hours (2 days per week / 2 hours per day).  

  • To visit the sick, the elderly, and the bereaved, and to maintain contact with the membership including members who do not attend for extended period.

  • To be an encourager to persons, programs, and ministries of the church family.

  • To be prayerful for the church, the congregation, the community, and the lost.

  • To give oversight to the church office overseeing that the church calendar is maintained, representing the church to visitors and other persons who might encounter the church. 

  • To be actively involved in and supportive of Flat River Baptist Association, the Baptist State Convention of NC and the denomination in its work and ministries and other churches and organizations that are approved by the Deacon board.

  • To be a moderator of business meetings in keeping with current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

  • To be an officiator of weddings, funerals, and perform baptisms. 

Special Requirements:

  • The Pastor is expected to be on call for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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